Updated Dimmer Light Switches and Covers

by Debra

in Lighting

old fashioned light dimmer switchDo you still have these old fashioned dimmer light switches? These switches make a loud “click” when pushed to turn the light on and off and you have to turn the dial to dim the lights.

I hate the way they look – just not a clean design choice. And they bug me with the loud click.

This is especially annoying in the bedroom. It can wake up the dogs and a cranky husband if you just want to have a dim light on to get down the hall.

dimmer coverSeveral years ago when I painted faux brick on the living room wall – I had to find a new alternative.

This round blob just wouldn’t look right. Even after I painted the switch plate cover – I was left with a round circle that wouldn’t “disappear”.

I found the perfect dimmer switch. It’s whisper quiet and looks amazing.

Lutron Dimmer They are expensive. Way more than I should pay for a dumb light switch.

I have times when I wouldn’t replace anything if it’s still working… No matter how “ugly” it looks.

But anything that “interrupts” the look of a nice painted wall will drive me crazy.

And If I have a custom looking light switch cover this little baby slips right in.

I’m getting to the point where I hate the look of regular on/off light switches. The ones you just flip up and down. I want all the switches in my house to look like a tiny dot instead of a “switch”.

Silly and Expensive!

So I guess replacing all switches will have to wait.

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