Ways To Cover Wood Paneling

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Ways to cover Wood Paneling
I think we all will agree that wood paneling is going to be a part of owning a ranch style home. It’s just a given that when you walk into a 1950’s ranch… you start looking for the wood paneling and if it’s something you could live with.

This question is from a gal who just can’t live with it and is looking for ways to cover wood paneling.

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What options are available for refinishing/redecorating wall paneling, OTHER THAN painting or wallpapering?

For physical reasons, I cannot perform all the steps (cleaning, wiping, sanding, base coat and top coats) necessary for painting and do not have any help available.

The paneling is in our den,and is “floor to ceiling” on one wall, and “chair rail down” on the other walls. I’m not sure if it is solid wood or a veneer paneling.

Is there a relatively simple, 1 – or 2 – step “treatment” for the paneling – perhaps like a “white-washing”, stain, colored glaze, colorwash, etc.?

I really have no idea what to do, or how to do it, but I need to keep it very simple.

Have you ever heard of a product called “Paper Illusion” or “Wallpaper Illusions”? It is a wallpaper-type product that is torn into random shapes and sizes and pasted directly on the paneling – they claim it does not require any sanding or prep.

Any help or suggestions would be VERY much appreciated. Thanks soo much! Beth

Of course I went straight to the resident expert… she seems to have had more than her share of paneling and has learned a trick or three about covering it up!

THAT Painter Lady – Tawn spends a lot of time now over at ThatPainterLady.com answering questions… but I talked her into answering one more Paneling Question:

WOW! Well, this is a quandry.

Since the paneling has grooves and you can’t do the major steps to change this I only see one or maybe two “short” options.

Of course, the easiest and most cost-effective way to change the look of a paneled room is to add color by painting the paneling. But..it does involve all those steps that you can’t do. So…let’s move on… 🙂

Paper Illusion looks like a good solution Paper Illusion but I’ve never used their product. While it says you don’t have to put down a paper liner to bridge the grooves (if they are 1/4″ or less) I would be concerned on how well they’d cover up the grooves.

Wallpaper Paper Illusion Multi Colored

You could buy a small amount and then I would certainly try it in an area that doesn’t show. See if it covers it up to your satisfaction and then go for it!


#2 – Painting without the sanding. There are chemicals (like paint) out there that you can apply to the paneling to “de-gloss” the surface. This way, paint will stick, but withoutall that sanding and stuff! 🙂

Apply a de-glosser, then paint the walls with Kilz or any other primer/sealer and then paint the walls a solid color using a woolie. It’ll give you a faux finish look and is fairly easy to do.

Woolie #100607 Lambwool Faux Appl Tool

You will never go wrong with this simple inexpensive tool.

THAT Painter Lady has instructions for using a Woolie Pad here:

What sort of faux painting would you use on very rough textured walls?

I know you said “other than painting” but you can’t use any of these ways to cover wood paneling successfully without the basic steps of cleaning, sanding, etc.

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